Downpayment for Sauna 35%

7 588,00


Description Quantity Price
Omasauna Medium + Panoramic 1,00 kpl 16 700,00 €
Base: Depth 2400mm Width 3830mm (saunas width 2200mm)
Frame: 48×98/148mm
Insulation: sauna and dressing room
Exterior UTW 28×170 painted twice -> black
Interior 14×120 heat treated aspen, oiled
Cladding is installed vertically in dressing room and horizontally in sauna
Floor 28×140 pine premium, waxed non color
Drain in sauna and dressing room (shower), drain output behind the sauna building
All pipes are installed so that the main water can be connected.
Electric water heater, installed on the left side of the sauna building

Installation 3 800,00 €
Installers travel from Finland.
Estimated installing time 2 days.
Bad weather may extend installing time but it will not change the price.
Customer can offer some tools for installers (borrow): wishlist to be sent to customer
Freight 1 180,00 €
Including additional cost for FIXED DAY delivery.
We can determine the arrival time of the cargo with an accuracy of two hours.
The price does not inc saunas unloading from the truck.
TOTAL excluding vat 21 680,00 €

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